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Head, Department of Microbiology and Immunology AND Director, University of Minnesota Institute on Infectious Diseases

  • 13 Feb 2023 10:15 AM
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    About the Job

    Head, Department of Microbiology and Immunology AND Director, University of Minnesota Institute on Infectious Diseases

    The University of Minnesota (UMN) Medical School seeks an innovative, driven leader to head its Department of Microbiology and Immunology (DMI) and direct the newly-launched University of Minnesota Institute on Infectious Diseases (UMIID).

    The UMN DMI is a highly-ranked robust basic science department that was recently recognized by the American Society of Microbiology for its centennial. It is the tenure home for 20 faculty members doing innovative research on microbes, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and immune responses, and the intersection of the two. The department supports an all-University teaching mission that includes an undergraduate BS in Microbiology, foundational courses for the Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology Graduate Program and a major commitment to undergraduate medical education.

    UMIID is a multi-departmental research institute that will use an multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach to address diseases of pandemic or epidemic potential. It will bring together faculty members doing basic, translational, clinical, or population-based research on zoonotic viral infections, antibiotic resistance, microbial immunology, HIV medicine, or molecular surveillance of emerging pathogens. UMIID will be located in the Microbiology Research Facility.
    The successful candidate must have the skills and vision to lead DMI and UMIID in a way that leverages the common interests of both entities while optimizing their unique missions. 

    The DMI Head responsibilities will be:

    • Support and promote the teaching and research mission of faculty members within the department.
    • Maintain the current research diversity within the department in conjunction with recruitment of new faculty colleagues and introduction of innovative technologies to sustain recognition of the department on national and international stages.
    • Create an equitable and inclusive work environment for all DMI employees.
    • Provide administrative support to DMI faculty members, including  mentoring support to ensure that tenure-track faculty members achieve tenure and tenured faculty members remain productive, administering the DMI budget, and administering space within the Microbiology Research Facility (MRF) building and other locations used by DMI faculty.

    The UMIID Director responsibilities will be:

    • Establish a core group of existing UMN faculty members and recruit new faculty members to carry out the UMIID mission. Core UMIID members may or may not have tenure homes in DMI.
    • Assign research laboratory space in the Microbiology Research Facility to a core group of UMIID investigators.
    • Create an environment in the Microbiology Research Facility that fosters collegiality and collaboration between DMI faculty and UMIID investigators.
    • Foster interactions between UMIID and other researchers at UMN.
    • Establish UMIID’s international, national, and local identity as a frontrunner in infectious disease research.
    • Garner internal and external resources for UMIID, including working with the University Foundation to develop philanthropic support for UMIID.
    • Provide administrative support to UMIID, including administering the UMIID budget.
    • Promote UMIID as a resource for infectious disease information, research collaboration, and education during a pandemic.
    • Engage with industry partners to create scientific collaboration.

    Applications received by March 1 will receive priority review.


    Required Qualifications:

    • Medical degree (MD) or PhD degree in a relevant discipline.
    • Eligible for appointment at the rank of Professor.
    • Outstanding scholarship in microbiology and infectious disease
    • Demonstrated record in faculty, trainee, and student mentorship and teaching.
    • Demonstrated record of leadership and achievement in academic medicine as evidenced by:
      o    Excellent track-record of NIH and federal funding.
      o    Experience in leading significant single or multi-site research programs.
      o     Success in recruiting exceptional clinical and/or bench scientists.

    Ideal Candidate Attributes and Experience

    • Strong visionary, inspirational leader who can develop and communicate a long-term vision for the advancement of DMI and UMIID, and is equally skilled at developing and operating a detailed plan to achieve that vision.
    • Highly approachable and compassionate; a record of promoting a culture of innovation, collaboration, teamwork, and respect; professional and personal demeanor characterized by integrity, graciousness, sincerity, and a passion for the organization’s mission and objectives.
    • Exceptionally team-oriented; skilled at working well and partnering with faculty and other leaders across a large, complex organization and community.
    • Highly adept and at ease managing the day-to-day operational details with the ability to be decisive, to conceptualize and analyze complex business opportunities, and oversee multiple projects.
    • Demonstrated experience in recruiting, retaining, and mentoring a diverse and highly skilled cadre of faculty.
    • Demonstrated track record of growing research platforms and contributing towards high-impact publications, grant awards, and meaningful science.
    • Demonstrated commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion.
    • Experience working with external leaders and philanthropic partners.
    • Comfortable working with state and federal legislators to advance the goals of DMI and UMIID.
    • The ability to effectively represent DMI, UMIID, the Medical School, and University of Minnesota in regional, national and international communities.
    • Commitment to undergraduate and graduate education and teaching

    In order to be considered for this position your application must include:  1. A statement of interest,  2. CV, and 3. A diversity statement or a values statement on the importance of DEI in leadership positions.

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