12:00 - 5:30 ET

12:00 PM         Welcome
                         Theresa Koehler, PhD, President
McGovern Medical School of the
                                  University of Texas

12:10 PM        Mitigating Future Pandemics: New Threats and Strategies to Consider

                              Gregory Gray, MD, MPH, FIDSA 
                              University of Texas Medical Branch

1:10 PM           New Chair Presentations:
                             -Craig Cameron, PhD
  University of North Carolina

                              -Debra Bramblett, PhD
Burrell College of Osteopathic Med  

-Richard Bennett, PhD, MMSc
    Brown University

1:50 PM           BREAK

2:00 PM           Promoting Faculty diversity, equity,
                        and inclusion: Who's on first?

                              Elena Fuentes-Afflick
   University of California, San Francisco

3:00 PM           New Chair Presentations:
                              -Deborah J. Fowell, PhD
Cornell University College of  
                                   Veterinary Medicine

                              -Jacques Thibodeau, PhD
Montreal Diabetes Research Center

                              -Beth Kirkpatrick, MD
Larner College of Medicine

3:40 PM           BREAK

3:50 PM           Microbes, Metals & Nanowires
                               Gemma Reguera, PhD
                               Michigan State University

4:50 PM           Business Meeting:       
                               Nominations & Voting for Chair-Elect
                               Voting open @ 5:00 / Closes Fri 12:00
                               Henry Baker

5:00 PM           Social Chat Rooms:
                                1) Young Faculty Mentoring


                                    Jimmy Ballard, Facilitator

                                2) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
                                     Terri Koehler, Facilitator

Promotion of Translational

                                    Satya Dandekar, Facilitator

12:00 - 5:30 ET

11:00 AM         Pre-meeting Women Chairs Forum

12:00 PM         Welcome
                             Theresa Koehler, PhD, President

12:05 PM        Vaccinology – Where are we headed? 
                        Panel Discussion

                        Moderator: Mitzi Nagarkatti

 Peter Palese, PhD, Chair

                              Ichan School of Medicine, Mt Sinai

                             Scott Weaver, MS, PhD
, Chair
University of Texas Medical Branch

Kena Swanson, PhD
                              Vice President, Viral Vaccines Pfizer

Susan Baker, PhD
Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine

1:35 PM           NIAID Update
                             Matthew Fenton,
                             Director, Division of Extramural Activities, NIAID

2:20 PM           BREAK

2:30 PM           “Should We Be Working Remotely:
                         Harnessing Research Lessons to Navigate the Future”

                            Timothy Golden
, PhD
          Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

3:30 PM           Business Meeting:
                        -Secretary-Treasurer Report
                             Jim Samuel

                         -AAMC Report – Jim Kaper

                         -Election Results – Henry Baker
                         -Special Recognitions
                         -2023 Meeting Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
                             Mitzi Nagarkatti. President-Elect

4:00 PM           BREAK

4:10 PM            Education Update -  Results of
                         Member Survey Regarding Planning 
                         for Change of Step I to P/F

                              Julie Kerry
, PhD
Eastern Virginia Medical School

4:40 PM           Social Chat Rooms:
                             1) Communicating Science using
                                  Social Media

                                  Katherine Knight, Facilitator

                              2) COVID on Campus
Jim Samuel, Facilitator

                              3) Evaluation of Transdisciplinary
      Henry Baker, Facilitator

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